With The Arctic Golden Circle, you can relish the beauty of ice and snow, enjoy local tastes and attend to a very special ski jumping show.

Spend the afternoon in a beautiful castle that is made out of snow and ice! Enter the castle and you can see the frozen fortress that is like a small village. Be amazed how snow can turned out to be art, chapel, restaurant, hotel rooms as well as something to have fun with. After the SnowCastle you are able to visit Finnish brewery in Tornio that has 140 years of history and they are still brewing local Lappish beer. Cherish culinary experiences of traditional salmon prepared by open fire or take a bite of local handmade sausage and enjoy limited edition beer. At the end of the day you have a unique chance to enjoy spectacular ski jumping show that is one of a kind. You cannot find show like this anywhere in the world and it is arranged especially for you! Feel the adrenalin for the brave athletes that fly across the sky like birds and land gently back to the ground.