With Lapland Circle you will get to experience the beauty of Finnish nature and design, step into the history of local culture and nature and finally feel the sensation of floating in frozen waters.

Visit Korouoma Canyon, national park known for its natural frozen falls. Be amazed how the nature itself can make art, such a masterpiece in the middle of the wilderness. In Korouoma Canyon the fracture valley forms a gorge, which cliff walls are dozens of meters high and extremely steep. During winter small streams cascade down the cliff faces and freeze into icy waterfalls and they stay frozen until late spring. Picnic lunch offered by open fire.

In the evening, dip yourself into a frozen river, under the sky, tiny snowflakes drifting on your face, feel weightless and let your mind rest. If the weather is clear, we can see beautiful stars and if we are lucky, we may even see Northern Lights dancing in the sky.